ReCycloBlog: April 2018

The accidental cycling holiday Well, since buying the Brompton in March; many, many miles have been travelled on the little folder.  It was becoming so much part of the furniture, I could barely bare to leave it behind for my week long trip to my parents in Normandy.  So I didn’t, and although it wasn’t meant to be a cycling holiday, everybody at work assumed … Continue reading ReCycloBlog: April 2018

ReCycloBlog: March 2018

Many, many exciting things have happened in my world of cycling in the last month or so.  I have been out riding in ever increasing circles on my newly serviced Ribble and I have bought a new bike: A Brompton M6L. In blue.  With an extra long seat post and extension on the handlebar ‘for the taller rider’, apparently. New Bike On the lunchtime of … Continue reading ReCycloBlog: March 2018

Back on the road

Inspired by my week cycling in Mallorca, I was itching to get my Ribble Sportive 7046, which had been idle in a garage for one year and collecting dust in a bedroom for three,  back on the road.  So on the 10th March I took the cobweb covered, dust smothered machine over to Evans Cycles in Chelmsford.  Slightly embarrassed by its state, I was greeted … Continue reading Back on the road

Mallorca 2018 Day One: Around the Airport in 80 Circles

When Sandra asked me to come with her on a cycling holiday to Mallorca I couldn’t think of any reason not to.  Well, apart from the fact I hadn’t ridden a bike for around four years.  After all, you can’t really forget how to: it’s literally like riding a bike, right?  I just wonder if you can forget how to use clipless pedals? Packing for … Continue reading Mallorca 2018 Day One: Around the Airport in 80 Circles

Just add water

Having ordered just six days before, it was a touch optimistic to think my new home brewing equipment would arrive before I was due to go on holiday and, as the Friday approached and went with no change in the no show situation, I was resigned to the think it would be sitting uncollected at the local Post Office for a whole week. Obviously I … Continue reading Just add water

Day Five: West Highland Way, hey, hey, it’s magic

Beinglas Farm Campsite, Inverarnan to Bridge of Orchy: 19 miles / 60.5 miles And the way to get your own back on the people that keep you up all night? Firebomb them with a burning Jetboil at 6am. Boom! (Not literally, thankfully). I am not entirely sure what happened, but my beloved camping stove toppled over this morning and promptly burst into flames. This was … Continue reading Day Five: West Highland Way, hey, hey, it’s magic