ReCycloBlog: April 2018

The accidental cycling holiday Well, since buying the Brompton in March; many, many miles have been travelled on the little folder.  It was becoming so much part of the furniture, I could barely bare to leave it behind for my week long trip to my parents in Normandy.  So I didn’t, and although it wasn’t meant to be a cycling holiday, everybody at work assumed … Continue reading ReCycloBlog: April 2018

Back on the road

Inspired by my week cycling in Mallorca, I was itching to get my Ribble Sportive 7046, which had been idle in a garage for one year and collecting dust in a bedroom for three,  back on the road.  So on the 10th March I took the cobweb covered, dust smothered machine over to Evans Cycles in Chelmsford.  Slightly embarrassed by its state, I was greeted … Continue reading Back on the road

Craft Brewing in Mallorca

It’s always been my opinion that your San Miguel is great at your Monts, Mounts, Islands and even own brand Marks and Spencers’ clothing, but in my humble opinion he’s not so good at producing a notable cerveza. Originally not a product of Spain, but of Spanish Colonial Philippines, there are similarities between this, and the other big brand I was expecting to find on … Continue reading Craft Brewing in Mallorca

Mallorca 2018 Day Eight: Summer in the City

Palma: 6.5km The last day of our holiday was greeted, when we opened the curtains, with a distinct lack of inclemency in the weather. The storm that had us pinned down for 24 hours had gone its prevailing way as quickly as it had arrived. After a quick breakfast of ‘everything we had left in the fridge so we didn’t have to throw it away … Continue reading Mallorca 2018 Day Eight: Summer in the City

Mallorca 2018 Day Seven: Waterworld

Alcudia: 9.55km We had done our prep.  Walked out to the Playa de San Joan and, cycled up the switchbacks to the Ermita de la Victoria.  We’d seen signs for hikers all over the peninsular and had acquired enough maps from the Port de Pollenca Tourist Infomation to create our own atlas.  We were all ready to summit the peak, a peak, one of the peaks. … Continue reading Mallorca 2018 Day Seven: Waterworld

Mallorca 2018 Day Six: Cliffhanger

Alcudia –La Victoria – Alcudia– Port de Polenca – Alculdia: 35.52km The ride started a little differently today. We came out of the apartment going with the one way system. Granted, only about 30 metres before cutting across the square to the old town and along the road we walked back from the Plaja de San Joan. Today we were heading up a mountain.  Not … Continue reading Mallorca 2018 Day Six: Cliffhanger