June & July 2017 Monthly Babble

Well, not only have I been rubbish in art of blogging recently, I have also been pretty shocking in actually getting out there and walking. This should pick up with August upon us and a summer holiday packed full of walking intent, but first, what of June & July? Urban Walking Well, the first weekend of June didn’t quite go to plan, with the great … Continue reading June & July 2017 Monthly Babble

The Thames Path (Ultra) Challenge

This isn’t a walk I was particularly looking forward to.  In my training, I decided that my preferred distance, depending on the terrain, is between 15 and 20 miles in a day, with anything over 25 becoming a definite slog.  Imagine, if you will therefore, my abject fear at the thought of doing 62 miles in one go.  Who walks 62 miles in one go?  Who? … Continue reading The Thames Path (Ultra) Challenge

The Thames Path Challenge: The Final Countdown

With the empty feeling that the Coast to Coast was definitely over my thoughts, mainly sweary ones, turned to my next big event: The Thames Path Challenge.  A 100km charity walk from Bishop’s Park, Fulham, to Henley-on-Thames along, yup, you guessed, the Thames Path.  Although I had four weekends to train once I was back, I considered that having trekked 190 miles across fells, dales and … Continue reading The Thames Path Challenge: The Final Countdown

Jubilee Greenway

START TIME: 07:20 FINISH TIME: 19:15  DISTANCE: 37 miles / 60km After the relatively short London Day Walk Lindsey and I did last week, this is the first really long walk we have done together in preparation for the Thames Path Challenge in September.  A test of many, many things: our feet; our various long standing ailments; our stamina and above all our tolerance of each other (I am … Continue reading Jubilee Greenway