The Hunt for Wetherspoon’s Carpets

Earlier in the year I was told that each Wetherspoon pub in the country has a different carpet.  Crazy I know, but this has been blogged about in The Guardian and has even been immortalised in a book (Spoon’s Carpets : An Appreciation).

For an apparent insufferable person successfully forging out a niche between Nerdism and Geekism, this is all too much for me, so here are my photos of the Spoon’s I’ve been to, on my travels, since the end of April 2017.

Pommelers Rest, Tower Bridge Road, London SE1 2UN (26 April 2017)
Wetherspoons, Victoria Station Concourse, London, SW1V 1JT (19 July 2017)
The Last Post, Weston Road, Southend-on-sea, SS1 1AS (22 July 2017)
The Central Bar, Shepherd’s Bush Green, W12 8PH (8 August 2017)
The Dairyman, High Street, Brentwood, CM14 4AB (13 August 2017)
The Moon in the Square, Exeter Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5AQ (28 November 2017)
The Windmill, Stansted Airport, Bassingbourn Rd, Stansted CM24 1QN (28 January 2018)